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East Meets West International 

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East meets West is a young  middle eastern based multi-brand wholesale footwear agency of  fresh, and new international shoe and handbag brands.
We represent a broad range of brands of independent designers of unique footwear and handbags.

The agency has a strong and ever growing network of retailers in the Middle Eastern region. The company is founded on entrepreneurship and talent to spot new international footwear and handbag  designers interested in entering the Middle Eastern market . It is our aim every day to build brands through insight in the creative and ever growing fashion trends in the Middle Eastern markets. This energy and common initiative drives the whole company as well as it's employees.

 East meets West was created in 2012 , after seeing the need of independent footwear brands in the Middle Eastern region . Our experience ,knowledge ,and passion of fine shoes and handbags inspired the creation of the agency . The agency is continuously finding and giving exposure to unique shoe and handbag designers, who have yet to penetrate the Middle eastern market.

 We are happy to connect with any new designers who would like to expand their brand to the lovely people of the GCC states. We stand by your brand and educate locals about new emerging, and existing talent from the west, outside of mainstream luxury brands.

Feel free to contact us for inquiries regarding our designers and brands. 

East meets West, Sales Team