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Tracey Neuls


In a market saturated by sameness, Tracey Neuls footwear offers a very individual viewpoint – always unique, intriguing and yet still contemporary and commercial. This design ideology stretches from shoe to shop.

The honesty of the design process is key to the individual look. Shunning fashion fads and trends, inspiration can and is taken from literally everywhere. Stationary details such as envelope ties have been translated into shoe fasteners whilst a random burnt log inspired a whole collection of scorched heels. Her toe shapes are sculpted from plasticine; the smell reminding her of innocent days spent sculpting as a child.

Likewise, when you enter a Tracey Neuls shop, you can leave your preconceived impressions of shopping behind. Shoes are hung from the ceiling rather than on shelves. The movement of swaying shoes relate to how they naturally move on your feet. Tracey explains  “The shoes should be seen at 360 degrees, not just from the top – sometimes the best view is from the back!”

Mary Portas, Queen of Shops, said that Tracey Neuls in Marylebone Lane was one of her favorite shops in London, “This shop is like walking straight into the artist’s imagination”.

Grey by Ortenhill


Founded in 2011, Ortenhill was incepted to solve the world’s problem of faddish fashion and cookie cutter designs. Inspired by the belief that fashion cannot be dictated by magazines, monopolies and over made-up and underfed models, Ortenhill offer individuals leather goods and accessories that are unique to their tastes, and yet wearable any day and at any occasion.

With a network of craftsmen and manufacturers that have vast experience in unique and quality leather creations, Ortenhill brings the best designs to the fashion-aware, and also to those who believe fashion is personal. Whether its footwear or accessories, Ortenhill strives to offer leather creations of the highest quality and standards, while maintaining the wearable comfort that is the hallmark of the company’s products.


Fizi Goblet


Flat Apartment


Thaqafah shoes


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